Black Hole Running

Has your fitness and running times stalled?


You’ve probably been sucked into the vortex of black hole running.

It’s the twilight zone, a pace that’s not overly strenuous but still hard enough to feel good after the workout.

It is a pace that is too slow for positive gains but too fast for a full recovery.


Run in the black hole, you will get tired but make no speed improvement. You may even see a reduction in your speed.


The Black hole is a narrow band of about 10 beats per minute at 100 – 105% of your threshold heart rate.

Make sure your R Pace (1500m pace) interval sessions are done at the correct speed. If you’re run them too slow, you’re headed into black hole training.  

Alternate, hard sessions with easy sessions. If you have not fully recovered from a quality session, you could spend most of your easy run in the black hole.


Don’t get stuck in an endless cycle of hard runs that are too easy and easy runs that are too hard!!!