10 Key Steps to Running Success.

10 Key Steps to Running Success.
1. Set Goals
Goals must be challenging, yet achievable.
Short term goals, goals you can achieve in 3-6 months ie: running 80km per week or sub 30min.
Long term Goals, goals you can achieve in 6 – 12 months ie: run a PB marathon or run my first Comrades in 2021.
Still Struggling – Enter a race!
2. Get support.
Hire a coach, join a running group, go run a Time Trial or Club Run.
3. Set up a realistic training programme with your coach.
Most of you have demanding work lives and you need to find a balance to get the best of both worlds.
4. Commit to training.
The proof is in your logbook!
5. Communicate, Communicate and Communicate with your coach.
Adding an unscheduled session a week before your race without letting your coach know can have detrimental effects on race day. This can throw your fatigue level and form out the window.
6. Progression – Challenge yourself.
Think of your goal as climbing a ladder. Set smaller goals on your way towards your big goal. Ie: First I must run a park run without walking. Next progressive step would be to run the first 4km and increase the pace over the last 1km.
7. Stay Focused and committed to your goals
You may not reach your goal on the first, second or third attempt. Donโ€™t give up! It took me a year and a half of failed attempts before I ran my first Sub 90 Minute Half Marathon.
8. Celebrate.
Take a hard look at those improvements and accomplishments. You did them! Be proud and take time to celebrate your achievements, they were very important to you.
9. Your health always comes first. Your goal second.
My motto in my early days was faster, fitter, stronger and winning is everything. My motto these days is – Live, to run another day.
10. Fuel and Support your Body.
Eat the right foods for your body to maintain a high training regime. Supplement your training with Stretching and Strength. Take a REST DAY if you are tired, even if itโ€™s supposed to be a training day! Ie: Listen to your body.