Running Form – Head Posture

Do you have a sore lower back? Do you have no explanation for losing time over the last few kilometers of a race?

Start by LOOKING at your RUNNING FORM!

Often small little gremlins creep into our running posture. Today’s first video is a talk on running form – Correct Head Position.

The second video shows athlete’s doing running form drills over 50m.

Drills: 10 x 20m or 10 x 50m.

During lock down, you can try these down your driveway or in your garden

Running form faults and corrections are magnified over short, fast sessions (R or 1500m Pace). If you do it correctly over a fast speed, it will be easy at race pace!

Focus on 1 posture or running technique per session.

Correct the technique before moving to the next.