Getting the Glute’s Going

This is an advanced 12 minute Glute workout with Michelle Coach Mee.

Recommended equipment, band and small ball.

When we sit for long periods of time, our glute’s get lazy and essentially “check out”. These exercises get the glute’s going.



10 x Open arms on each side (Hand weights optional)

10 x Standard Bridges


Lying Down

10 x Clams on each side

10 x Straight leg raises on each side

10 x Frogs


On all 4’s

10 x Fire Hydrants on each leg

10 x Donkey kicks on each leg

10 x Superman’s alternating leg/arm on each side



10 x Bent knee and pull in

10 x Straight legs Bridges

10 x Bridges with band opening knee’s

10 x Bridges squeezing the ball between the knee’s.